Skimmy Skate kiteboarding
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  • Tipe: Skimboard
  • Size: 140 x 40
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Size: 140 x 40

Skimmy is the new Kiteloose skimboard.

Following the great success of the Woody 2010, Skimmy keeps a similar shape, but a totally new construction

Eps core, 1’ thickness, 4 wake fins setup, sharp edges makes Skimmy faster, more precise, more poppy, and incredibly light. Skimmy is a great toy to get fun in low days….

His directional outline also makes Skimmy a real fun tool in shorebreack and small waves

Skimmy is 140 x 40

Skimmy comes with no skid deck and traction tailpad

Why ride a Skimmy??

Skimmy is a funny toy. After few runs on it, you will try ollies, 180°, fast tacks or jump jibes.

the first time you will land a 50 cm ollie from a chop, you will never stop to go forward and to try new tricks!

This sansation will catch you. No way to escape any more!

Skimmy is a drug!!

Our perfect riding conditions are 15 knts, 1,5 beachbreack in the inside, flat choppy in the outside...please call if this is your regular home spot!

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